Thanks to our Outgoing Board, and Welcome to Our New Ardmore PTSA Board

Thank you so much for the leadership of our outgoing board: Anna Brinck, president; Rogelio Carrasco , vice president; Gwen Hennessy, secretary; and James vanRosmalen, treasurer. You guided us during a difficult year!

We look forward to 2020, and we are so grateful to our new executive board members for stepping forward. Thank you to our nominating committee for working to find and vet such excellent candidates. And lest we forget, the board is made up of many more volunteers who work to keep the PTSA running. Thank you!


Alex D’Angelo, “I’m excited to serve as the president in the upcoming school year. I previously served as treasurer and handled membership, respectively, over the past two years. I have an incoming third-grader and Kindergartener this next year. I’m serving as a way to help our students, to connect with the Ardmore community, and to gain and share leadership experience in a supportive environment.”

Alex D’Angelo

Vice President

Brandie Luebbert is stepping into the vice president role after step-momming two wild and crazy Ardmore students (leveling-up to 4th grade and 6th grades). She is hoping to serve the Ardmore community using her healthcare and teaching experience with the same kindness she has been shown by previous PTSA members.


Judy Kou is the mother of 5th grader Anakin, and Aaron who is attending Interlake. The family just moved from Taiwan last year. She had been a full-time mom with side ventures, including a baby swaddle brand, Swado, and parenting classes. She looks forward to be servicing the Ardmore community as a member of the board.


John McCoy is the father of Lucy (entering 4th grade) and Laurel (an Ardmore preschooler). He’s lived in the neighborhood since 2013, but spent most of his life in the suburbs of Detroit. In days gone by, he was an editor and project manager for educational and reference publishers. He is now most famous for staring at his phone while his children play outside the school.

John McCoy