Parent Provided Potluck Lunch for Ardmore Staff & Teachers

Wednesday, December, 18th

Potluck food symbol

Please bring items in the morning, by 9:00am. To make it easy, we’ve listed items to bring, and times that are needed to help set-up/clean-up.


A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge and wisdom of the pupils – Ever Garrison


Every year, to show our gratitude to our amazing teachers and staff, Ardmore PTSA hosts a potluck lunch, asking families to provide food and beverages.

Items can be store bought or home made. NUTS are not allowed and be sure to label the ingredients on a home-made items for allergy considerations. Food items can be sent in with your child to the main office. Please label if you want any serving dishes back. They can be picked up the next day from the main office.