Ardmore School Albums 2020

Celebrate Each Other This Year in Our PTSA Ardmore Albums 2020 Last year we had a wonderful response to our call for fun photos of our Ardmore families adapting to school at home (Last year’s fun albums). We’re hoping you can participate again this year! You can share your photos in the Ardmore 2020 photo album, […]

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kids art dec 2019


December 2019 Kids Corner Teacher Thank You Cards and Winter Scenes from our Ardmore Students: Thank you to all of our students who sent in their artwork to tell Ardmore teachers how special they are. To the teachers and staff who might read this, please take this as a group thank you to all of […]

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We’ve posted the artwork that you sent us to the December Kids gallery here.   If you still have art to send, please send and we will add it! Teacher Cards! Send your teacher some holiday cheer! Here are some ideas: Draw a snowy day, or you and your teacher together, and write what makes them […]

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Kids Corner October art

October Kids Corner Gallery

October’s Theme was “Creepy Critters” Thanks to Owen (1st grade) for his minecraft spiders fighting real spiders across boats, for Vanya’s (2nd grade) Creepy Critter poetic story about monsters, Navya’s creative creature drawing (Kindergarten), Naomi’s (4th grade) 3-page graphic novel, and Wrenna’s (4th-grade) colorful Halloween animals.

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