Prizes: Bus, Carpool, Walk or Bike to School!

For the first time, Ardmore School is participating in the BELLEVUE SCHOOLPOOL Program! Your child should have brought home a packet from school that has a flyer and Log Chart attached. If you missed it, the log chart is below to print.
What do you have to do? 
  1. Take at least one walk, bike, carpool or bus trip to or from school.
  2. Log your walk, bike, carpool or bus trip(s) in this trip log calendar (Remind your child to do it! It is fun :-)!)
  3. Return your trip log calendar to your teacher or front office in the first week of NOVEMBER.
THAT’S IT! ⭐️⭐️⭐️Cool Incentives for everyone!⭐️⭐️⭐️
⭐️ For Students: SchoolPool provides giveaways for each student before or during each SchoolPool challenge. Examples include 3D bookmarks, seed paper bookmarks, bike lights, flashlights, magnets, lenticular stickers, etc. More information here :
⭐️ For the School: School incentives are available in the form of direct monetary payments with the maximum of $2,000 per challenge, which includes up to $1,500 for 75% calendar returned, and up to $500 for four (4) communication attempts with families. School incentives are subject to available funding.
⭐️ For the Staff: SchoolPool provides incentives for school staff most-actively involved in the SchoolPool challenges in the form of gift cards or SchoolPool promotional items such as coffee mugs, phone/tablet/PC accessories, etc.
Walk to School Trip Log

Walk, bus or carpool to school and keep track here! Print this off, and bring it in to school on November 8th to earn your school money!