Urgent: Ardmore Nominating Committee Volunteers Needed!

Dear Ardmore Parents,

We are in urgent need of 3 volunteers to choose next year’s PTSA leaders. The nominating committee is a group of 3 people who will select PTSA executive board member candidates for the next school year. Once candidates are selected by the committee, they will be voted in at the last General Meeting of the year. The nominating committee is in charge of recruiting and interviewing prospective candidates for the four essential positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. WE WILL NOT HAVE A PTSA NEXT YEAR IF WE DON’T HAVE A NOMINATING COMMITTEE FIRST. As you know, the PTSA funds field trips, teacher grants and supplies, family emergency assistance, and plans/funds events like Family Fun Nights, Science Fair and International Night, all of which will not be possible without a nominating committee to choose next year’s executive board.

Volunteering for the nominating committee is:
  • a very powerful position (you have the power to choose who will lead the PTSA next year)
  • a limited time commitment – it’s not a board position for the whole year, this is a 3-month job that ends at the General Meeting in May. Roughly 10 hours of your time altogether, which can be done outside of school/business hours.
  • a job for anyone: a parent, a staff member, a grandparent? Anyone, who’s interested in the future of the PTSA and the whole school.
To volunteer in the nominating committee does NOT mean:
  • that you’re doing anything alone
  • that this is a full-time day job
  • that you need to discover something out of thin air – you’ll get suggestions and tips from others
  • that you’re volunteering for the board yourself

Please seriously consider this essential role, and contact President@ArdmoreElementary.org by January 28th, so you can be voted in at the PTSA General Meeting. If you know someone who might be able to fill this role, please forward it to them!

Thank you!
Alex D’Angelo
Ardmore Elementary PTSA President