Ardmore ‘School From Home’ Photo Request

To help remind us of our connections, and our friends we don’t get to see, we are asking you to send photos for us to create a web gallery, and…
…to use in the Ardmore Yearbook!

Photos will be used for:

  1. Yearbook,
  2. Ardmore e-news,
  4. Ardmore PTSA facebook/Instagram

You can specify if you’d only like your photo used in certain places (just yearbook?). Send your files directly to and let us know how we can use your photos. If you’re OK with Ardmore sharing, you can also add directly to the Ardmore photo album.

Big-Bear misses seeing friends. Big-Bear wants to know where you work. At a desk, on your couch, on the go? What do you do for fun? Send photos of you being silly to share with your friends! Submit Photos, Art, OR Videos by May 4th (Please, if you have something later to submit, please do)!

In the coming weeks, we’ll be asking you to submit for other subjects, so please start saving photos for Ardmore Photo Gallery Submissions: May 1st-Working from Home, May 15th – Science (it can be simple–Nature Walks! Bugs!), May 28th – Family and International (Cooking together? Game Night? Family Traditions). More information to come for each.