Ardmore School Coranovirus Updates

PTSA General Meeting Call – March 23rd

School has been canceled from March 13th-March 27th.
For all of the up to date Bellevue School District information on Coranovirus, please see here:

In light of the current events and school closure, the Ardmore PTSA is extremely concerned for the well-being of all families in the community. Until now, the board has seen less than expected requests for enrichment grants, meaning that we have money to spend and people in our community who need it. We need the general membership’s opinions and approval to adjust our budget accordingly.
As public events are now prohibited, we will hold an extra GENERAL MEETING on Monday, March 23rd at 6 pm as an ONLINE meeting. Details on how to join and follow the meeting on your computer or on your phone will be posted later. This announcement is giving the required 10 days minimum notice to our members to plan before a general meeting.
The board will use this time to cooperate with the school and the Family Connections Center to present the membership with a budget adjustment plan that will be voted on in the meeting. Given the current conditions, such a plan does not exist yet, but we are working on it. Thank you for your understanding and I hope to “see” many of you in the meeting.