December 2019 Kids Corner

Teacher Thank You Cards and Winter Scenes from our Ardmore Students:

Thank you to all of our students who sent in their artwork to tell Ardmore teachers how special they are. To the teachers and staff who might read this, please take this as a group thank you to all of you. We thank you for all you do! Please be sure to click on the images to see the full image, and check back as more cards are still coming in.

Art and teacher cards from (images © by respective student author)…

  • Eva (3rd grade – for Mr. Siegwarth)
  • Owen (1st – for Ms. Marulis)
  • Pranu (1st grade – for Ms. Amodon)
  • Sofia (4th – for Ms. Anderson)
  • Wrenna (4th – for Ms. Symonds)
  • Aradhya (1st – for Ms. Michalsen)
  • Kahlen (4th – for Ms. Symonds)
  • Morgan (1st – for Ms. Marulis)
  • Aziza (K – for Ms. Elrod)
  • Reyansh (K – for Ms. Espinoza)
  • Prahan (3rd – for Ms. Arora)
  • Alessandro (4th – for Ms. Symonds)
  • Daksh (K – for Ms. Espinoza)
  • Taneesh (K – for Ms. Espinoza)
  • Thanishka (K – for Ms. Elrod)

If your child/student has artwork or writing to share, send it to for us to post. We will continue posting them as they arrive.

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