Harvest Party 2019

Thank you for attending our Harvest Party, sharing your potluck dishes, dancing, and decorating pumpkins! It’s your participation in these events that makes Ardmore Elementary a great community. THANK YOU to those who routinely volunteer, and to those who were able to help at the party. Thank you to the parent volunteers, and a special thanks to music teacher Ms. Estrada, and first grade teacher Ms. Michalsen, for spending all day with our kids, and then coming to volunteer at our party!

Thank you to our neighborhood Safeway for their generous pumpkin donations for our Harvest Party! 


Events Help: What you may not know, is that events like the Harvest Party are led ENTIRELY by parent volunteers. Our event coordinator, Priya Srinivasa, needs your help. For the past couple of years she’s been shouldering most of the event work, with help from a small group of other parents. She needs to cut back, and if these events are to continue, we need other volunteers to help. It doesn’t have to be daunting! Choose one event to focus on, and please, if you have any interest, talk to Priya about how you can get involved. And please know, we get it, juggling kids/work/school/family/health is stressful and overwhelming. If you can’t volunteer right now we understand, but if you can… we, your kids, and the larger community thanks you! email Events@ardmoreelementary.org

Here are our events for the rest of the year that you have the opportunity to be involved with:
Craft Bazaar (Nov. 15th)
Family Movie Nights (2 left)
Science Fair
International Night