Ardmore will face big changes for 2023-24

BSD Demographic and Enrollment Study

Take action now!

Due to many factors – rising costs of living, COVID-19 impacts, and more – Bellevue School District (BSD) is losing students. With every student lost, BSD budgets shrink. Ardmore is one of the 3 most impacted schools, shrinking from 401 students to just 281 in 4 years – making us one of the smallest schools in BSD.
Because of this, Ardmore is very likely to be impacted by cost-cutting, class and school consolidations for the 2023-24 school year. This could mean anything from having fewer classes and programs, to losing our school building, or keeping it but doubling in size if another school is rezoned. Many ideas are being explored.
Change is coming SOON:

If we want any say in these changes, we need to get involved – now. Change could be great for our students, or it could be rough – especially for the most vulnerable students at Ardmore. As a small school with many low-income families and non-native English speakers, Ardmore is never the loudest voice at the Bellevue School Board meetings. We need as many Ardmore community members as possible to get involved by SHOWING UP, SPEAKING UP, and SHARING IDEAS to advocate for the best possible solutions for our kids and community.  

HOW to get involved:

  1. Watch these brief videos to understand the issues:

    BSD Demographic and Enrollment Study and Future Trends – Bellevue School District (

    Planning for Our Future – Bellevue School District (
  2. Attend the Bellevue School Board meeting (online or in person) on Thursday, Jan 12 at 4:30 pm where proposed changes will be shared. Regular School Board Meeting – Bellevue School District (
  3. Speak up and share your input on the proposed changes between Jan. 16-Feb. 1. BSD will announce how parents can share input, and we will share them – so watch your email.

Jan. 12: Proposals will be shared at the BSD Board meeting.

Jan. 16 – Feb. 1: BSD will ask for community input on the proposals.

Feb. 9:  Decisions will be recommended to the Board.

Ardmore PTSA is here for you
As your Parent, Teacher, and Student Association (PTSA), we are here to answer questions, advocate for Ardmore families, and help make your voice heard. To reach us:

  • Email
  • Connect with us on the Ardmore Elementary Parents group on Facebook
  • Watch your email and text for PTSA parent meetings to discuss changes.
Bellevue School District Planning for Our Future