December 2019, Ardmore Volunteer Needs:

hands apple volunteerASPIRE Breakthrough Teacher Program, Volunteers Needed-

A group of 2nd, 4th and 5th grade Ardmore teachers are piloting project-based learning with students this winter and spring in a program called ASPIRE to Breakthrough. An idea from New Zealand, it aims to harness student interests and allow them to direct their learning. Here is a video from New Zealand outlining the program. Participating classes will work on ASPIRE to Breakthrough for 45 minutes each week on Thursday afternoons (1:50-2:35) for 10 weeks. Our vision for Breakthrough at Ardmore is for students to:

  • Work on projects that are meaningful to students
  • Know and manage the ASPIRE dispositions – setting goals, being in the learning pit, pulling themselves through, and reflecting deeply on the learning process,
  • Use collaboration and team work to accomplish goals
  • Display their learning in some form of an “expedition”
  • Demonstrate skills and knowledge that we might not see otherwise

We are looking for parent and community volunteers to share their skills and interests with students. It could be dance, or art or crafts, or sports. Please email Anne Reece if you would like to help! You can help a teacher or lead a skill or interest project. Email Anne at In January we will ask students what they are interested in and assess both teacher and volunteer skills and interests to put together a menu for students to select from.

Parent Volunteers Needed: Building Leadership Team

From the Ardmore School Principal: In compliance with the new teacher contract, we are convening a Building Leadership team which will manage decisions in the school around budget and our annual planning. We are looking for 3-4 parents to join this team. It will be a commitment of at least 2-4 hours a month. Please email Anne Reece at if you are interested in being a parent representative on this team.