We Need Your Help! Ardmore PTSA Volunteers 2021-2022 School Year

hands apple volunteerHello to our wonderful Ardmore community! As we enter into this new school year, we are looking for a few good volunteers. We would love your support, and please know that the PTSA is a group effort, and you will be supported by others in whatever role you take on. Roles can be adapted to match how you want to contribute. Below are the needs that returning board members have identified, but we’re ALWAYS looking for your ideas. Joins us at our board meetings on the first Tuesday of the month to learn more, and offer your insights. See something that interests you or curious and want to learn more? Get in touch.

  • Fundraiser Volunteer – Can you help us find fun, creative ways to support our mission to support Ardmore?  The Ardmore PTSA helps support its teachers (grants, supplies), students (field trips, fun events, classes) and families (emergency help for rent, food, utilities). To do so, we ask those in our community to contribute.
  • Website Manager – Ardmore uses WordPress to share who we are, events, and announcements. Help organize and present to make all this easily discoverable. Keep the site up to date, review for content updates, ensure good SEO practices, configure WordPress as needed, and help with migration to a new host.
  • IT Administrator – Help the PTSA run online to keep connected with the Ardmore community. Examples include setting up email aliases (G Suite), granting access, and domain management. The biggest challenge is to migrate the WordPress site to a new host where it can live for years to come.
  • Events – With all of our students learning from home, we are getting creative this year with our events! Bring your ideas (Minecraft play-dates? Virtual Science Fair?), and we will work together to help build our Ardmore School community.
  • Teacher Appreciation – Want to be the most loved parent at school? Help show our Ardmore teachers and staff how much they are appreciated, especially during this trying time. We’ve already got a budget in place for you to work with!