Ardmore Volunteer Positions 2019

Thank you volunteers for all that you’ve already done. It’s been a busy first few months of school, and we’re regrouping to fill some of our outstanding volunteer needs. If you HAVE contacted us and you haven’t gotten a response, PLEASE forgive us and nudge us again (

We’re all volunteers, and sometimes things slip through the cracks. We do WANT and VALUE your help!

Teacher Appreciation

Want to be the most loved parent at school! We already have a few interested parents (team) but they are all involved in other school activities and unable to take on the lead role. We need one person willing to organize and work with everyone. If you are not comfortable taking on a lead role, join in and be part of the team. Work can be easily split according to your strengths.
There is already a good budget waiting to be used! Please contact us to help with specific tasks, and/or to organize! Tasks to split up among the teacher appreciation committee

  • Plan small activities for each month (stocking the break room pantry, bringing in fancy toiletries for the staff restrooms, etc)
  • 1-2 times per year, organize a coffee cart treat for teachers (established vendor, just need to work out date and timings with him)
  • Once a month organize a treat/thank you gift – Use the PTSA Teacher appreciation budget to purchase treats and gifts, and/or ask parents and students to help (bring in breakfast treats? Ask students to make a thank you card?)
  • Teacher Appreciation week in May (week filled with appreciation gestures)


Events like the Harvest Party are led ENTIRELY by parent volunteers. We need volunteers willing to help organise and lead events, AND more volunteers to help out at events. If you have any interest, talk to our current event coordinator about how you can get involved.  Here are the sort of tasks we need help with:

  • Organize and be point person for a given event
  • Reach out to the community and find a good fit /help for our school
  • Create Flyers for events and coordinate with Communications team
  • Host event with help from parents and volunteers (High school students or parents)

We are always looking to add to our repertoire and would like to see a different perspective to our events. Upcoming events are:

Science Fair

Last year’s Science Fair was a huge success, with one third of students presenting an independent project, and ~600 people attending! For such a huge event, we need to plan early, and we need lots of hands. Email
Help is needed to:

  • Organize community vendors/partners (Pacific Science Center, Newport robotics, Interlake Robotics…)
  • Organize student projects (help with sign-up sheets, distribute poster boards, etc…)
  • Liaison with teachers and staff for school-day activities
  • Organize Student volunteers from neighbouring High School

Thank you!
from the Ardmore PTSA