Celebrate Each Other This Year in Our PTSA Ardmore Albums 2020

Last year we had a wonderful response to our call for fun photos of our Ardmore families adapting to school at home (Last year’s fun albums). We’re hoping you can participate again this year!

You can share your photos in the Ardmore 2020 photo album, or send your photos to news@ArdmoreElementary.org and let us know how we can use your photos (for example, if you don’t want your child’s images in a public album, but it’s OK to share via our newsletter or in the yearbook).**

Kids Corner Call for Content

This month, we’re asking you to post drawings, poems or stories about what you love about the fall season, AND/OR, help us celebrate Halloween by sending photos of yourself dressed up in a costume! Send your photos directly to news@ArdmoreElementary.org and let us know how we can use your photos. If you’re OK with Ardmore sharing, you can also add directly to the Ardmore 2020 photo album.

Halloween Fun!

While we are not able to celebrate Halloween at school this year, we can certainly make it memorable by sharing our Halloween costume pictures. We also hope your share your creative pumpkin carving!

Our Awesome Fall Fest 2019! We’re sad we can’t celebrate in-person this year, but please help us by posting fun fall pics to our 2020-2021 album!

**PLEASE NOTE: In the comments if you do NOT want your images used for any of the following: 1.Yearbook, 2. Ardmore e-news, 3. ArdmoreElementary.org, 4. Ardmore PTSA Facebook/Instagram Please specify if you’d only like your photo used in certain places (just yearbook?). (please remember, submissions must be G-rated. Mild-mannered monsters are OK, but no weapons or violence.)