Student, Parent and Family Activities and Events

The PTSA organizes a number of events and gatherings throughout the school year, and helps plan after school activities. The PTSA has three general meetings a year with special topics for parents, informational breakfast events with the principal, and – our favorite – family movie nights! The specific event dates will be listed on the calendar, and you can find the all the event details in our blog. See some of our past fun below.
Ardmore PTSA helps plan events, activities, and fundraisers! Here are some posts of our recent activities, including events and after school classes...

Some of Our Past Ardmore Fun!

Ardmore Olympics 2019

Ardmore School Game Night

Harveset Party photo
Fun photos from our awesome Ardmore 2019 glow-party-pumpkin night!

Help Raise Money (and have FUN!)

An example Ardmore Fundraising Event
Our fundraising activities can be as simple as collecting box tops to our signature event, the Ardmore Olympics, that offers many ways for parents to get involved. Throughout the year we also partner with local businesses and non-profits for fun events that raise money at the same time. Check out our events page to see past events (Chuck E. Cheese, Chipotle, etc…) and other upcoming fundraising opportunities.